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Soft Chenille Sweater

Soft Chenille Sweater

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No matter how packed the closet, or how diversely curated the wardrobe, there’s always room for a super-soft sweater. One particular fabric, dating back to 19th century France and coming to its height of popularity in Europe and the U.S. by way of Scotland, has been synonymous with softness and plush comfort: chenille. Chenille fabrics, woven by a delicate balance of artistry and craft, create famously comfortable clothing -- and this chenille sweater is perfect for any cozy day at home, snuggling with your little mini-me, or going out.

Sweater Weather Ahead

The time has come for the perfect weather window, when the chill allows for just the right amount of layers -- before winter winds turn your chic outfit into a bundle of outerwear. Take advantage of this time of falling leaves and autumnal vibrance to find a great chenille sweater. Chenille doesn’t just make a super soft sweater, it’s also known for the flattering drape effect -- a perfect to accent your best qualities. Chenille is also resistant to abrasion, and heat-retaining, meaning it’s the perfect luxe look for any seasonal adventure or gathering.

A Warm Embrace

There’s nothing like the right material; and no material beats chenille for its plush softness and gorgeous drape. Finding the right soft chenille sweater is sure to brighten up your fall days, and give the perfect lounging wear for staying in on winter nights. Chenille is perfect to dress up in, too. With a few key accessories, a super soft sweater can be the ideal highlight of your holiday outfit. See all of the Obsessions Boutique options here -- and start your journey to a cozy, comfier wardrobe today!

  • Models are 5'4" and 5’7” wearing a size small 
  • Length of a small is 22"
  • 100% Polyester