There is a table lit by candlelight with a red rose and a glass of wine. Out of focus there is a man and a woman holding hands over the table. Fairy lights are lighting the background and the couple are wearing a white shirt and a suit.

A Lace Love Affair: Valentine’s Fashion Guide

chValentine's Day isn't just a celebration of love; it's a fabulous excuse to dress superbly. Whether you're spending the day with a significant other, enjoying a night out with friends, or treating yourself to some self-love, February 14th offers the perfect opportunity to step out of your fashion comfort zone. Here are some fun, flirty, and absolutely fabulous outfit ideas to make your Valentine's Day unforgettable.

  1. Bold in Red and Pink: Nothing screams Valentine's Day louder than the classic colors of love. But instead of choosing between red and pink, why not wear them together? Break the old fashion rules and pair a hot pink dress with red accessories, or mix and match red and pink pieces for a look that’s both bold and romantic.
  2. Heart Prints Everywhere: Embrace the spirit of the day with heart-printed clothing. From subtle heart patterns on a blouse to a statement heart-printed blazer, this playful print can add a themed statement to your outfit. If full-on prints aren't your style, consider accessories like heart-shaped earrings or a heart-printed scarf to hint to the day.
  3. Luxe in Velvet: Velvet is the perfect fabric to add a touch of luxury and sensuality to your Valentine’s look. Opt for a velvet dress in a rich color like burgundy, navy, or emerald for an evening out, or incorporate velvet through accessories like a headband or shoes for day wear.
  4. Sequins and Sparkle: Who says sequins are only for New Year's Eve? A sequined skirt or top can add instant glamor to your Valentine's Day ensemble. Pair with more understated pieces to keep the look chic and not over-the-top, perfect for a night of dancing or a fancy dinner date.
  5. Statement Sleeves: Add drama and flair to your outfit with statement sleeves. Bell sleeves or bishop sleeves can transform a simple dress or top into something fashion-forward. It's an easy way to make a fashion statement while keeping the rest of your outfit relatively simple.
  6. Layer with Lace: Lace adds a delicate, romantic touch to any outfit. Layer a lace top under a blazer for a sophisticated look, or opt for a lace dress for classic femininity. You can also incorporate lace through stockings or a peek-a-boo detail on skirts and dresses.
Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to have fun with your fashion choices and experiment with styles you might not wear every day. Adding a touch of whimsy, romance, or boldness to your outfit can make the day feel even more special. So this Valentine's, wear what makes your heart happy and celebrate love in style! For the perfect additions to your outfit, check out our selection here.
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