Curating an Essential Collection Of Layered Outfits

Curating an Essential Collection Of Layered Outfits

Layered outfits are the epitome of the casual-chic trend. In a layered ensemble, you can be prepared for everything, be it the dress code or the weather. Dress up your tee shirts, add pizzazz to your workday outfits, and shed a layer or two if you get too warm. You just need to know how to layer clothes, and Obsessions Boutique has it handled for you. Learn about the main layering essentials, then check out our frequently updated stock!

A Collection of Cardigans

a black cardigan sweater

We're not going to say that a layered outfit has to include a cardigan, but really, why wouldn't it? Cardis are essential for layering, and not just because they can easily be the most statement-making piece of your ensemble. A brightly patterned cardigan will call instant attention to your look.

Because you want to be able to wear your cardigans with a variety of other outfits, however, you need a bit of balance. In addition to festive plaids, preppy stripes, and kimono cardigans, select some neutral colors, such as black, burgundy, and navy. You can wear your cardigans over tanks and tees, or beneath blazers and denim jackets. Heck, you can even layer a short sweater over a long duster cardigan.

A Bevy of Blazers

a black and white pinstripe blazer

Learning how to layer clothes depends on your personal aesthetic. Blazers are ideal for smart styles and polished looks. Not only can you wear blazers with dress pants and skirts for office-ready outfits, but you can also wear them with jeans, leggings, and casual dresses when when you're off-the-clock and dressing for fashion. A well-fitted blazer can layer over a camisole with ease, or you can triple-up with a blazer over a sweater over a button-up top.

All the Tees

a pink-striped V-neck tee

Tees can create casual layered outfits for days. With the right add-ons, however, you can piece together an on-point look that would be at home in any street-style blog. Stay chill in tees and cardigans or open flannels. For an edgy ensemble, experiment with wearing V-neck tees beneath blazers, denim jackets, and kimono cardigans. Solid colors work best, but you can get wild with the hues. Step out in hot pink, lilac, or turquoise. Just find button-ups, sweaters, and blazers that tone down the color or complement it. For example, you could wear a turquoise tee beneath a plaid button-down with shades of turquoise, black, white, and yellow.

Buttoned Up

a diamond-patterned button-down top

Let's take a moment to focus on button-down shirts, shall we? You'll find their crisp, pointed colors in an array of layered ensembles. Working with button-downs is one of the first rules of how to layer clothes because the finished result is beyond polished.

You've seen outfits based around a button-down, right? Crisp Oxford shirts are phenomenal beneath blazers, they look fantastic underneath cardigans, and you can wear them under pullovers with the collar and cuffs peeking out just a little.

Be mindful of the fit here. Your button-down shouldn't be too thick, and you need to pair it with items that effortlessly fit over it to avoid appearing bulky or as though your clothing is too tight. Here's a helpful fashion tip: when you're layering beneath other items, consider a short sleeve or sleeveless button-up.

Sleeveless Bliss

a red sleeveless mockneck top

Sleeveless shirts are the secret behind perfectly layered outfits. They're an irresistible base because they tend to be thin and, obviously, they don't take up room in the arms and shoulders. A printed floral trapeze top slides easily beneath a blazer or kimono. This applies to camisoles, tank tops, and even tube tops, as well as dressy sleeveless shirts.

Pullover Appeal

a floral mockneck pullover

Pullovers, such as sweaters and blouses, lend themselves well to layering, as well. We already mentioned that collared shirts are fierce beneath pullovers. Depending on fit and thickness, you can wear some pullovers beneath statement jackets, suit coats, and capes or capelets, too.

That's why understanding fit is vital for knowing how to layer clothes. You can layer almost any kind of top as long as you know what to combine and how to balance each piece. A thick turtleneck sweater can look amazing beneath a plaid blazer, for instance, but only if they physically fit together. You don't want your sleeves bunching, nor do you want to look like you're wearing massive shoulder pads just because you're struggling to force the blazer over the sweater.

Stylish Skirts

a grey Swiss dotted midi skirt

Bottoms don't often come up in discussions about layering outfits. After all, there aren't many ways to layer your jeans or dress pants. Skirts are a different matter, though. Dare to wear your favorite mini skirts in fall and winter. All you have to do is slide into some thick leggings first. Tights may do the trick, too. They'll certainly work with longer midi skirts, giving them a retro appeal.

While we're on the subject, it's worth mentioning that this trick also applies to shorts. Whether you want to get more use out of your favorite pair of paper bag waist shorts or if you're putting together an edgy outfit with distressed denim shorts, leggings or tights are the answer.

With a wardrobe full of layered outfits, you'll always have something to wear. Curate your collection at Obsessions Boutique today and get free shipping on all orders in the US!

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