orange flowers and sparkling place settings for a dinner date night

Date Night at Home: 3 Reasons To Stay In And Dress Up

orange flowers and sparkling place settings for a dinner date night

In 2020, a lot of us haven’t had the chance to go out on a fancy date for a long while. We might be craving a night out on the town with a special someone, gazing longingly into their eyes over a gourmet dinner. Ahh.

But hold up! There are other ways to enjoy a romantic evening that doesn’t involve going out. There are plenty of reasons why staying in and putting on fancy dresses for home is a fantastic idea.

Read on for the best excuses to put the kids down early and plan a dressy date night with your hubby!

1. Live Out Your Dress Up Dreams

Maybe you’re in a small town that doesn’t have a fancy restaurant. Perhaps, given a chance, you’d dress in an 18th-century ballgown at all times, but the opportunity just hasn’t arisen.

When you’re choosing dresses for date night at home, you can live out those dress-up games you played as a child and go wild! Your partner might get to see a different side of your personality, and you can encourage them to dress up however they envision, coordinating with your look.

Make your indoor dress-up party more exciting by creating a theme. Some ideas are:

  • Victorian murder mystery dinner
  • Dainty garden tea party
  • James Bond/spy movie with martinis and poker
  • Vintage Breakfast at Tiffany’s ft. 1960s New York fashion

2. Save Money & Learn to Cook

The more money you save on expensive restaurant bills, the more you can spend on attractive dresses for home that you look and feel great in.

Dining out is excellent to have a fun time and avoid having to cook, but it’s bad for almost every budget. Service fees, tips, drinks, appetizers, and desserts add up like crazy, and a single night for two can blow a week’s food budget.

Whipping up a fancy meal is also an excellent way for you and your partner to learn elegant new cooking skills. You can create a gourmet meal for a fraction of the cost by following along to a YouTube video or a recipe blog. Cooking together is also an extra-cute date night activity.

3. Stay Healthy

There are a couple of reasons why having a date night at home will keep you healthy.

First off, when illnesses are still spreading around the country and the world, public places where people can’t keep masks on are probably the last place you should be. That means cafes, restaurants, and bars—all three of which are some of the most popular dating locations in existence.

Secondly, you won’t be gorging yourself on never-ending breadsticks or salads with creamy, sugary dressings before the carb-laden entree even arrives. Restaurants are designed to get you to buy as much food as possible, whereas if you’re making your meal at home, you can watch how many calories you’re consuming carefully.

If you eat in and control your own portion sizes, you can feel great in that sleek midi dress for dates when it comes time to go out and about!

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