Iconic Movie Mom Looks We Love

Iconic Movie Mom Looks We Love

Some of the most famous movie outfits come from mom characters. Why not? Moms are stylish. We make our fashion work with our lifestyle. If you need inspiration for new mom outfits and accessories, then Obsessions Boutique invites you along for a peek at the most fashion-forward movie moms.

Anything with Diane Keaton, Honestly

a pair of tailored pink pants

From Baby Boom to The First Wives Club, Diane Keaton stuns audiences and serves as a fashion icon again and again; and her mom style is officially classic.

Whatever her role, Keaton's love of clean lines and menswear-inspired attire is always on full display. As J. C. Wiatt in Baby Boom, she gave us some of her most famous movie outfits. The 1980s might have been defined by shoulder pads and eclectic accessories, but J. C. led scores of women to adopt the tailored blazers and sharp silhouettes of their male counterparts. In the '90s, Keaton's role as Annie in The First Wives Club inspired women to pair cotton and linen by way of wide-leg trousers and oversized button-downs.

It's easy to steal Keaton's on-screen style. You, too, have to opt for the tailored approach with a slightly formal edge. Update the time honored looks with of-the-moment accessories. Step out in blazers and skinny pants, whether they're jeans or black trousers. Opt for collared button-ups and straight pencil skirts. Dare to wear a tie when you’re feeling sassy, too.

Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada

focus on a structured gray sweater

The mom outfits featured in The Devil Wears Prada definitely ain't your momma's outfits. Miranda Priestly's inclusion is no surprise. The entire film focuses on fashion, and given that Miranda was inspired by Vogue editor and fashion maven Anna Wintour, it would be a crime not to hold up the character as an icon.

It's impossible not to see Miranda as a fashion plate, but since so much of the movie is devoted to her presence as an ogre at the office, it's all too easy to forget that she's a mom. She loves her daughters without reservation, even sending Andie on a journey to get an as-yet-unpublished copy of the newest Harry Potter novel. Sure, that was unfair, but can you deny the devotion, even if it is by proxy?

Copying Miranda's style is a bit harder, but Obsessions Boutique is up to the task. You have to focus on timeless pieces. Adding a trend here or there is fine, but if Miranda is your style goddess, then you need to base your wardrobe around classic items that always work, such as tasteful sweaters and silhouettes that remain in fashion. Become known by your statement pieces, especially your fabulous coats and accessories.

Joan Crawford from Mommie Dearest

a vibrant floral midi skirt

Say what you will about Joan Crawford's maternal instincts, the fact remains that she was a fashionable woman. If anything, Faye Dunaway's depiction of her is even more notorious than the actress herself. On-screen, Joan wore a succession of famous movie outfits that got more fabulous over time. She flowered in the '30s and '40s and kept true to those decades. You have to do the same to look as fierce as Joan.

You may not be able to find dresses and suits with the wide shoulders Joan favored, but you can capture the essence of her style in other areas. Straight skirts are a must. Anything that shows off your figure without revealing too much is on-point for Ms. Crawford. Many of the finer details are found in the accessories. Feel free to pin a brooch to your jacket or cardigan sweater. Step out wearing ankle-strap heels that elongate your legs. Just stay away from any wire hangers.

Beverly Sutfin from Serial Mom

a young woman wears a full pink dress

Kathleen Turner is the vision of a suburban housewife brought to life on the big screen in Serial Mom. The content of the gory horror-comedy might make it seem like an unlikely inclusion on our list, but we can't get over Beverly Sutphin's everyday '50s glam. She's everything you imagine about the perfect throwback housewife. Her adoration for her husband and children is evident in everything she does, up to and including murder.

Let's forget about that bit for a second and focus on her fashion sense. Beverly is perfectly put together no matter what she's doing. Whether she's gardening in the morning or bludgeoning her daughter's boyfriend to death, she's polished and poised in full-skirted dresses, cropped pants, and cardigan sweaters. Bear in mind that if Beverly is your style spirit animal, then your mom outfits can’t include white after Labor Day.

Wendy Torrance from The Shining

a blue and white striped cardigan

Shelley Duvall may not stand out as a style icon, but she's responsible for several famous movie outfits, all stemming from her role as Wendy Torrance in The Shining. Wendy's choices were practical, comfortable, and casually stylish in a way that's still not often spotted on the silver screen. Forgetting her horrendous experiences at the Overlook hotel, you have to embrace her soft aesthetic.

Layering is the way to go to dress like Wendy. She prefers blazers and cardigans over heavier coats. Her favored tops are currently back on-trend. Loose-fitting cowl neck sweaters and turtlenecks are in again. Shocker: they look phenomenal beneath blazers and cardigans.

Discover the components of the famous movie outfits you love at Obsessions Boutique. Are you an Annie MacDuggan or a Miranda Priestly? Tell us about your style icons, then check out our fresh selection to copy the look. Get free shipping on all orders as well!

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