Injecting Color Into Your Late Winter Wardrobe

Your winter wardrobe probably contains a wealth of dark, subdued neutrals. Winter is the perfect time for understated colors such as black, grey, navy, and variations thereof. That's just what you do in winter, but it gets a bit dull, a bit drab, even a bit depressing. Who needs that? Toward the end of the cold and dreary season, with spring almost in sight, give yourself a break and refresh your wardrobe with colorful accessories that pop. To tempt you, Obsessions Boutique has curated a list of vivid, vivacious accessories that can liven up your day-to-day outfits.

Get That Bag

a bright red backpack

Your bag offers an easy yet stylish way to add color to your winter wardrobe. A bright bag is a showstopper. It just happens to be practical, as well, and who doesn't love an accessory that combines function with fashion?

Girl, get that bag. Dare to carry a sparkling metallic clutch or an eye-popping red purse. You can get away with some crazy colors when it comes to your bag. Take advantage of the opportunity to jazz up your understated winter wear. For extra points, find a statement bag with a gorgeous pattern.

Jewelry with Attitude

a green gemstone pendant necklace

Colorful accessories turn your everyday outfits into something special. A vibrant necklace or cocktail ring, for example, can prevent a monochrome outfit from being too boring or matchy-matchy. You don't have to go over-the-top with a gaudy statement necklace or a stack of enamel bracelets, though. A pair of bright blue earrings or a stunning gemstone pendant will carry you through the late winter with plenty of panache.

Kicked Up Kicks

mustard yellow fashion sneakers

Your footwear is an essential part of your winter wardrobe. Your shoe collection is also another place where you have the chance to introduce vibrant colors. Why spend the season wearing black sneakers and brown boots? They have their place, but colorful shoes impart their own kind of attitude. You'll have a springtime bounce in your step every time you slip into a pair of colorful kicks, even if it's snowing outside. If red, green, or blue shoes don't appeal to you, then consider pale pink, sizzling purple, or an on-point shade of mustard yellow.

OTT Outerwear

rust red corduroy jacket

Stock up on colorful accessories that are practical, as well. You can effortlessly refresh your wardrobe while still dressing for the weather. A coat in an eye-catching color will protect you from the elements throughout the late winter and early spring, when weather patterns are often unpredictable. At the same time, your new coat can stand out as a statement-maker. If you don't want to wear something that's too vivid, opt for an elegant hue, such as plum or rust red.

Boots That Bang

wine red wedge ankle boots

Although we've already discussed the benefits of colorful shoes, we have to bring it back to footwear. Your winter wardrobe deserves a pair of bold booties. Booties and ankle boots are versatile since they pair well with jeans, dresses, and skirts. Wear a striking color and you'll enjoy a steady stream of compliments. Avoid primary colors. You need a rich shade, such as aubergine or a dramatic wine red.

Build your winter wardrobe around colorful accessories and statement pieces with vibrant details. Get yourself ready for spring with transitional items that can get you through the last days of winter. Enjoy free shipping from Obsessions Boutique for all orders within the US! What's better than a guilt-free style splurge?

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