Jewel Tones: 4 Reasons to Sparkle This Fall

Jewel Tones: 4 Reasons to Sparkle This Fall

Jewel tone clothes are all but made for fall. Instead of sticking with the traditional fall color palettes, shake things up a bit with dramatic, dynamic hues. Jeweled shades are richly breathtaking, allowing you to make a statement no matter what you're doing. Follow along to discover a can't-miss color palette for your cute autumn outfits.

Ruby Red

ruby red twill pants

Rubies are among the most precious jewels. It's thus no surprise that some of the most dramatic and glamorous jewel tone clothes come in shades of ruby red. Red is always a notice-me kind of color, and that's never truer than it is when you're dealing with a radiant, ravishing hue.

Ruby red is deeper, slightly darker, and infinitely more dynamic than other shades of red. It's an ideal choice for fall when so many of the changing leaves take on the same color. Wear your bejeweled red items with carefully chosen neutrals, such as white or cream. Black works as well, but you'll be giving off femme fatale vibes regardless of what you're wearing. If you're feeling exceptionally bold, then consider wearing red trousers with a top or an accessory in a warm shade of autumnal orange.

Amethyst Purple

dark purple thermal sweater

Amethyst is typically a lighter purple, we'll give you that, but when talking about jewel tones, you can opt for dark purple or a brighter, paler hue that resembles amethyst. We have to admit an affinity for shades of aubergine and plum, too. That's because deep, royal purple is a showstopper, making it ideal for cute autumn outfits.

The shade that you choose really depends on your mood, though. You can't go wrong with either. Stock up on delicate purple kimono cardigans and similar items that can serve as signature pieces for your ensembles. When you really want to make a splash, go for a purple hue that suggests royalty—you are a queen, after all.

Sapphire Blue

sapphire blue velvet dress

Jewel tone clothes in sapphire hues are perfect for fall. Navy blue and sky blue seem to get all of the play. They're the go-to shades for winter and summer, respectively. Because fall lends itself well to jeweled colors, however, you have the opportunity to celebrate sapphire, which is invigorating and rich in an entirely different way.

For fall, you can wear sapphire in whatever way you like. A stunning sheath dress is just right for a night out with someone special. You can also wear the sparkling hue when you spend an evening with your best friends, enjoying cocktails or dancing until dawn. For daytime activities, consider a sapphire midi skirt or an eye-catching blouse. Blue sweaters are on-point for the season, but you can even slip into sapphire tee shirts and tank tops. Simply layer something over them, such as a cute cardigan or a lightweight statement jacket.

Emerald Green

emerald green mock neck top

Emerald green is both dramatic and fresh. It's a gorgeous jewel tone. You can create an array of cute autumn outfits around the color, which is unexpected enough that people will definitely take notice of your fashion sense.

Emerald pairs beautifully with plaid, giving you the opportunity to stock up on plaid skirts and trousers, which you can then top off with a green top. A dark green dress can easily replace your standard LBD, as well. If all else fails, keep an eye out for emerald accessories, such as a handbag or a standout pair of shoes.

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