Lazy Days: 5 Ways to Rock a Matching Lounge Set at Home

Lazy Days: 5 Ways to Rock a Matching Lounge Set at Home

Being indoors is all the rage these days, and your two-piece lounge set is about to become your favorite outfit. Out of all the benefits of being at home all of the time, the ability to slip into a matching lounge set for that Zoom meeting is one of the biggest. The downside is that you are going to be hard-pressed to get out of your new work/momming uniform when it is time to dress up a little bit. As comfortable as your PJs might be, your closet is calling you.

A Lounge Set for Business

a woman in a grey two-piece-outfit

Dressing up a little bit for that business meeting where you will be on camera doesn’t have to be complicated. Plenty of our two-piece lounge sets will look incredible for any meeting that you have. Comfort is also essential whenever you are sitting for hours at a time and still tending to mom duties, and you want something that isn't restrictive. You want to find a compromise between dressy and too casual. Remember, you are still working; however, you are also at home, and nobody will see you from the waist down.

Getting dressed even when you are at home is essential for your mental health, and you’ll feel more productive. Layering a cute blazer or even a cardigan with a lounge set can look like you made an effort, and you’ll feel super comfortable in it. Also, if you are going to slip into loungewear without dressing it up, try a matching set. You’ll be cozy, but you'll feel great about your look too.

When you are working from home, similar to when you go to the office, there are staples that you want to have. Matching sets is one of them! You also want a cute cardigan, maybe a boyfriend tee shirt, or even a slip dress. These can all help you feel more productive and look great, as well.

A Cozy Outfit for Netflix and Chill

a pink animal print lounge set

While it is effortless to stay in the same PJs for days when all you are doing is getting out of your bed and moving to the couch, dressing up and finding a comfortable balance is important, too. Super soft materials and loose-fitting clothes are perfect when you are trying to Netflix and chill with your fellow mamas over Facetime or Skype. A matching lounge set is an ideal compromise between wearing proper clothes and still being comfortable.

It might be awhile before you can see your friends physically, so Facetiming with them is a great solution, but what do you wear? You don’t want them to think you’ve been dressing like a slouch for a few weeks, right? Getting out of the PJs and into a tee shirt and sweats or lounge pants could make you look a little more dressed up than usual.

Comfy Nap Time Clothing

a grey leopard print lounge set

Right now, lots of naps are happening throughout the day, especially if you are not working, or you just want to re-energize on your lunch break. While you might not think about what you’ll wear during nap time, you still want to look good and be relaxed. Think about it. If you are wearing something restrictive, it can be hard to move around comfortably. You want something that will flow but doesn’t conform. Two-piece lounge sets are the perfect fit right now, especially when a nap or some toddler cuddles are on the list.

Bedtime Essentials

a short lounge set

The great thing about sleepwear is that there are matching lounge sets that do double duty as bedtime clothes and as outfits that you can wear to take a walk outside and see people. Cute shorts, matching tee shirts, lounge sets, and even longer sleep shirts are sensational alternatives if you want something simple yet stylish. Bedtime doesn’t have to be boring when it comes to your attire. It just has to be cozy!

Get Your Fitness In – Virtually

a pair of blue lounge pants

While you might be used to going to the gym every day, we all have had to adjust to working out at home with our favorite gurus via video stream. That doesn’t mean that your workout outfits have to just consist of leggings and a sports bra, though. There are two-piece lounge sets that are just as comfy and will allow you to work up a sweat. When you are working out, the most important thing to remember is that you want something that won’t get in your way or be restrictive when you are doing your routine. Whether you are practicing yoga or heading into a spin class on your Peloton, the right workout wear is significant.

There are a few essential things to remember when you are doing everything from home, and the comfort of your clothes is most important. Super soft, stretchy materials are ideal, no matter what you're doing. It is also essential for you to get up and get dressed in something cute that makes you feel good. You probably haven’t touched work clothes in a while, and that’s okay—just remember the staples of a stay-at-home outfit. Two-piece lounge sets are the compromise between comfort and leisurewear, so stock up at Obsessions Boutique today!

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