Style Guide: Hourglass Body Shape

Style Guide: Hourglass Body Shape

Hey, gorgeous! Do you have that mesmerizing hourglass body shape? Then, girl, you're blessed! Let's dive into understanding and rocking that stunning figure of yours.

All About The Hourglass Shape

Your hourglass body is like a dream! It has a lovely narrow waist, and the hips and bust balance each other out, creating a harmonious silhouette. Your goal? To flaunt that waist and make those curves pop without going overboard.

Dressing the Hourglass: Do's and Don'ts


Hourglass-friendly dresses: Wrap dresses, A-line styles, and those with a high waist are your BFFs.

Tops that make a statement: Anything that hugs and accentuates your upper half is a win.

Monroe Pearl Top

Skirts that twirl: From pencil skirts to A-lines, you’ve got a wide range to play with.

Shoes that stand tall: Heels and pointed-toe shoes? Yes, please!

Bold accessories: Chunky jewelry and cute belts that draw attention to your waist are a must.


Boxy or baggy stuff: You don’t want to hide those curves under unshaped garments.

Going too straight: Clothes that draw a straight line from your shoulders to hips, like low-rise jeans, are a no-no.

Shortening your legs: Shoes with ankle straps can make those legs look shorter.

Horizontal stripes: They might make you seem wider than you actually are.


Choosing Dresses for Your Dreamy Shape

The dress world is vast, but don’t fret, girl. Here's how to pick the perfect ones for you:

Wrap Dresses: Lightweight, flowy, and cinched at the waist. Perfect to flaunt those curves.

A-Line Dresses: These flare out from your waist, making your figure look even more delightful.

High-Waisted Numbers: Highlight that narrow waist and let the rest flow.

Pencil Dresses: Sultry and fitted, these will make you feel all kinds of fabulous.

Athena Henley Dress

Paneled Waist Dresses: Panels hug you just right and enhance your shape.

Hourglass Styling Tips and Tricks

Now, let's get into some fun ways to show off your hourglass figure:

All About The Fit: Ensure your clothes fit you like a dream, neither too tight nor too baggy.

Waist is The Way: Belts, peplum blouses, or high-waisted skirts, anything that highlights your waist is a yay!

Patterns and Textures: Go for vertical stripes or structured fabrics to make you look elongated.

Arm Attention: If you're a tad conscious about your arms, a cap or wide sleeves can help draw attention elsewhere.

Pants and Skirts: High-waisted pants and knee-length skirts? They're your wardrobe essentials.

Remember, beautiful, the fashion world loves the hourglass figure. So, embrace those natural curves, play dress-up, and step out with confidence!

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