Style Guide: Oval Body Shape

Style Guide: Oval Body Shape

Let's dive deep into the mesmerizing world of the oval body shape. If you've got that beautiful, curvy oval silhouette, this guide is tailor-made just for you.


1. Oval 101: What's It All About?

An oval body shape, often termed the 'apple' shape, showcases a prominent bust and a full midsection, all the while blessing you with slender legs. Imagine a delicious apple—rounded at the top and slightly tapered at the bottom. That's you, girl!

The trick? Elevate that waist and balance your upper and lower halves to showcase that lovely shape.


2. Essential Styling Tips for Oval Divas

Let's spill some fashion tea! When it comes to embracing your oval shape, it's all about:

  1.  Cinch That Waist: Your secret weapon? Anything that defines your waist. Think A-line skirts, wrap dresses, and high-waisted wonders.
  2. Strut Those Legs: Girl, those legs are fire! Flaunt them with pencil skirts or slim trousers.

Business As Usual Pencil Skirt

  1. Vertical Vibes: Add some vertical patterns or lines to your outfits. They're your BFFs for a taller, slender appearance.
  2. Solid Colors are Magic: A monochrome or solid-colored outfit is like fashion's magic wand. It creates a sleek, uninterrupted silhouette, which is super flattering!


3. The Dress Code: Best Dresses for Oval Queens

  1. Wrap Dresses: These gems cinch perfectly at the waist and have that wrap style which adds a dash of chic. Pair with heels for some extra glam!
  2. A-Line Dresses: They're oval-shape's dream! Cinching at the waist, they flow down in a gentle flare, giving that perfect hourglass illusion.
  3. Empire Line Dresses: These sit right below the bust, making your waist look higher and more defined. Opt for ones with flared bottoms to dance around!
  4. Shift Dresses: Straight and sleek, these numbers skim your body just right. Accessorize with a belt to add a little oomph!

Shoulder Pad Midi Dress

  1. Fit and Flare Dresses: Think of a dress that hugs you at the top and playfully flares down. It's the fashion embodiment of fun and femininity!


4. Do's and Don'ts for Oval Lovelies


Celebrate your curves with tailored tops.

Opt for high necklines to add some height.

Vertical stripes? Yes, please!

Try tailored jackets for some structure.

Accessorize, especially upwards (think earrings, headbands)!


Over-detail around the waist.

Clingy tees or bulky tops.

Belts around the waist can be tricky.

Avoid overwhelming with heavy fabrics.


5. Confidence is Your Best Outfit

Above all the tips and style advice, rock your look with self-love and confidence. Remember, every body is unique and beautiful. Your oval shape is a masterpiece. Wear it with pride, and let the world see your shine!


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