The Holiday Dress Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

The Holiday Dress Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

The perfect host deserves the perfect dress. You’ve made your house a home and tended to every detail to make sure your family can enjoy all the holiday season has to offer. For those holiday parties and family gatherings, bringing loved ones together under one roof (or virtually through the magic of video conferencing), it's always great to have a perfect Christmas dress! Trends come and go, but classic style is always in season for ladies’ Christmas dresses, and Obsessions Boutique is the only online shop that values timeless style at a great price as much as you do!

Obsessions Boutique velvet tie waist midi dress

Maxi Dresses

Great for layering under a cute jacket or extra length cardigan, maxi dresses are evocative of elevated boho style -- and cut to drape and accent a lovely silhouette for every body type. Maxi dresses have found a happy home in northern beach style, but when the winter warmth draws you to an elegant, laid-back gathering, they make an unexpected yet perfect ladies’ holiday dress to wear by the fire.

Lounge Dresses

Pajamas for outerwear? It may seem crazy, but no one saw athleisure as commonplace just a few years ago -- and now, it's absolutely everywhere! There’s no reason an adaptable, comfortable lounge dress can’t be a great uber-casual look for hanging with your close circle. Remote work and virtual family parties have gleefully blurred the lines between cozy wear and outerwear, and there’s no reason not to be cozy this season when rolling out your ladies’ Christmas dresses as our new and changing world of holiday gatherings takes shape online, or with close friends and family.

Midi Dresses

Obsessions Boutique skyscraper dress in red

Another in the casual trends, midi dresses delightfully split the difference between traditional style and modern draping. Available in so many lengths and colors, midis are perfect whether your style leans towards bold or tends toward traditional. Midis are a classic choice for cocktails, baking parties, dinners, and more -- in fact, it's almost harder to find occasions outside of formal balls that a midi can’t find a happy home in!

Swing Dress

There’s a regality that comes with holiday wear, with styles that can’t help but be informed by classic Christmas stories like the modern American dress of Miracle on 34th Street and the Victorian layering of A Christmas Carol. You can have that same effusive royalty sewn into a comfortable swing dress. Flirty yet restrained, modern yet timeless; the swing dress is one of the ladies’ holiday dresses that’ll make a reappearance again and again in the new year.

Bring yourself some joy with ladies’ Christmas dresses this holiday season. Obsessions Boutique has a dedication to customer service that is infused into the entire online shopping experience: We offer free shipping for all U.S. orders, a simple, no-hassle 14-day return window, and highly rated new arrivals landing with more frequency than other boutiques online. We bring the best to you, and we can’t wait to share what’s next!

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