The Jewelry Styling Guide

The Jewelry Styling Guide

Ever looked at your wardrobe and felt like something's missing? Well, sometimes, the missing spark isn’t a dress or a top, but the shimmer of a piece of jewelry. Whether you're all about that earring game or just dipping your toes into the anklet trend, we've got your back. Ready to shimmer and shine? Let's dive in!

Earrings: Your Ear's Best Friend

Have more than one piercing? Perfect! Mix and match with a classic pearl or diamond and a hoop. Whether you're into trendy ear climbers or timeless studs, there's always something to experiment with. Remember, whether it’s one piercing or twenty-eight, make it YOU!

 Whitney Mixed Metal Earrings

Necklace Layering: The Ultimate Style Hack

Layering necklaces can seriously level up your outfit. Rocking a v-neck or turtleneck? Layer away! Start with a delicate chain at the base of your neck. Next, add one that sits on your collarbone. Finish with a pendant resting on your chest. And guess what? Mixing metals is totally in! So, don’t be shy to play around.

 Haley Layered Necklace

Bracelets: More than Just Arm Candy

Okay, we get it. With smartwatches and whatnot, bracelets often take a back seat. But hear us out. How about pairing a chic chain above your watch and a dainty one below? And don’t forget, sometimes, less is more. Stick to 2-3 layers for that elegant touch.


Rings: The Tiny Show-Stealers

Got lovely nails? Show them off with some rings! If you're worried about them not blending with your wedding ring, go for similar styles. And remember, there’s no harm in rocking 3-4 rings on one hand. Let them be a conversation starter!

Gold Stone Ring

Anklets: Summer’s BFF

While anklets might not be winter-friendly (thanks, socks!), they are total summer rockstars. From DIY friendship bracelet anklets to chic pearls, you've got endless choices. And hey, if a bracelet feels too big for your wrist, try it on your ankle. You'll love it!


All About Colors

Ever thought about the metal shades that flatter your skin? If you're unsure, take a quick quiz to find out if you’re warm or cool-toned. And even if a certain metal doesn’t "officially" suit you, rock it if you love it!


Mix 'n' Match Metals: Break the Rules!

Who says you can't mix metals? If you're feeling it, flaunt it! But a little tip? Keep it simple. Maybe wear silver rings with a gold necklace. Or switch it up. As long as you're feeling fabulous, you're doing it right!



There’s no right or wrong in the world of jewelry. It’s all about YOU. Take our tips, mix them up, add your own twist, and shine on! Remember, wear what makes you happy and confident.

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