family playing board games

The Return of Family Game Night: Ways to Kick Back & Enjoy Family Time at Home

family playing board games

Casual mom clothes are a must for nights spent with the family. You want to feel comfortable and at home while you spend quality time with your children and spouse. Game nights allow you to bond, plus they keep everyone entertained. Obsessions Boutique has a fun list of family game night ideas and activities to help you get started. Grab your favorite leggings, some great games, and go!

Head to the Drive-In

Missing the movies? Who doesn’t love going to the theater, gorging on popcorn, and enjoying a blockbuster? Allow your kids to experience the magic of a drive-in movie right in your own living room. It’s easy to find apps that will let you project a movie on the big screen, often directly from your phone or tablet. Hang up a white sheet or use a blank wall. Place plenty of blankets and pillows on the floor, pop some popcorn, and dress in casual mom clothes that encourage comfort. Let your kids wear their PJs. You can vote on the movie, and perhaps make this a weekly event so everyone can see the film of their choice.

The Flour Game

The Flour Game is a hilarious family game night idea, but be aware that it’s going to make a mess! To start, you need to fill a mixing bowl with flour, packing it down firmly. Cover the bowl with a plate, then turn the whole shebang upside-down and remove the bowl. That leaves you with a plate full of flour. Set a Lifesaver or another piece of hard candy right in the middle of it. With a butter knife, everyone playing will take a turn cutting through the flour. The aim is to keep the candy on the surface. If the piece of candy falls, then the player who caused it to happen has to retrieve the candy—with his or her mouth! Everyone will want to wear comfy old clothes for this. Pull out the T-shirts!

Get Out the Cards

a pile of Uno cards

From Old Maid to Go Fish to a rousing game of rummy, there are numerous card games that you can play with the family. Pull on some casual mom clothes, such as jeans and a cozy sweatshirt. Have the kids and your spouse do the same so that you can all settle in for an engaging game of cards. Take the opportunity to teach the kiddos a new game, too. Hearts and Spades are both fun games. Then again, you can also pick up classic games such as Phase 10 or Uno.

A Rousing Game of 20 Questions

What is it about kids and 20 Questions? They love that game! You can while away the hours with inventive choices and guesses. It’s a fun way to pass the time, especially if you’re able to choose an object that’s hard to guess. It’s a can’t-miss family game night idea no matter what, and the younger children are sure to love it.

Bring Out the Board Games

close-up of a board game

Board games are perfect for family game nights, and there’s no end to your options. Consider classics like Monopoly, Sorry, or Trouble, or keep an eye out for new games that the family will love. One option is to let each member of the family choose a new game each week. You can prepare some snacks, put on some comfy, casual mom clothes, and spend hours with the people you love most. 

Stock up on casual mom clothes, including lounge pants, hoodies, and shorts, then buy up some games that will engage the fam. You can sign up with Obsessions Boutique to snag a fab discount on your first order.

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