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Tips For a Casual Valentine’s Day You & Your Hubby Won’t Forget

Obsessions Boutique offers adorable Valentine’s Day outfits with casual styles. These pairings are just what you need for a laid-back, low-key Valentine’s Day with the love of your life. Forget about all the fancy activities that are traditional for V-Day—you have permission to keep it chill and relaxed! All you need is a cute, casual Valentine’s Day outfit, along with a selection of fun ideas for activities you and your hubby can enjoy together.

Dress for the Day

warm color block sweater

The first step to enjoying a laid-back holiday is to find a Valentine’s Day outfit with a casual vibe. You want to be stylish yet comfortable so that you’re ready for whatever the day – and night – may bring. After all, you don’t need a slinky black dress or a new mini skirt to look utterly romantic. Look for clothes that promise to be both comfy and chic, like paper bag denim jeans with a feminine cinched waist. You can shop for a top that strikes a balance between casual and dressy, such as an oversized cowl neck sweater.

Stay in Bed

Who’s to say that your cute, casual Valentine’s Day outfit can’t be a pair of pajamas? There’s nothing more laid-back than staying in bed the entire day. For this V-Day, buy yourself and your hubby some brand new PJs. We love this satin cami and shorts set because it’s elegant and comfy, making it the perfect casual outfit for Valentine’s Day. Pick out your favorite movies on the streaming service of your choice and stock up on your favorite snacks. Once you’ve accomplished all of that, then you’re ready to spend the day lounging in bed. You deserve this time to rest and destress!

Have Your Own Wine-Tasting

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Going on a wine-tasting tour is a tried-and-true Valentine’s Day activity. You can go the traditional route this year, if possible. Look into booking a wine-tasting and snag yourself a casual Valentine’s Day outfit for the occasion. Jeans or a skirt with an eye-catching top, perhaps in leopard print, should do the trick.

Alternately, you could also bring the wine-tasting into your home. You can either surprise your hubby by buying a selection of wines you’ve never tasted before, or the two of you can go on a wine-buying adventure together. The key is still to choose wines that neither of you have ever tried. Make or buy a fancy charcuterie board for the occasion, and raise your glasses to each other in the comfort of your own home.

Tour the Town

You may not be able to get away for a mini-vacation, but you can still get out of the house. There are likely landmarks and places of interest in your town that you haven’t seen. Even if you can’t head out to a restaurant or visit a museum, you can still hop in the car for a scenic drive around town. For this excursion, pick out a cute, casual Valentine’s Day outfit that will feel comfy while you’re in the car. Swap the heels for sneakers or mules and make sure you bundle up in a warm sweater and a stylish coat. Maybe you can plan an indoor picnic in your living room to begin or end your adventure.

Cook a Meal Together

Cooking together is beyond romantic. It’s also tons of fun while remaining delightfully low-key. You can choose to make something brand new that you’ve both always wanted to taste. Or perhaps you’d like to make a well-loved recipe together. Or, if there’s ever been a romantic meal that you’ve enjoyed at a restaurant, you can attempt to recreate it. As you pick a casual Valentine’s Day outfit for this activity, make sure your clothing lends itself well to playing around in the kitchen. It’s not a bad idea to snag an apron, too.

Play in the Snow

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Snow in February is quite common in most places. Select a cute, casual Valentine’s Day outfit that will keep you warm, such as snug joggers and an eye-catching sweatshirt, along with a chic new coat. Grab some gloves and a scarf, too. You’ll need all that warm-weather gear to frolic in the snow with your beloved!

In our sensational collection, you’ll find plenty of Valentine’s Day outfits for a casual day with your honey. How do you plan to celebrate V-Day this year?

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