Trendy Outfit Options for New Moms

Obsessions Boutique has a variety of trendy mom outfits to keep you stylish as you take care of the kiddos. Discover new mom clothes for any occasion, including trips to school and special nights out with your partner. Enjoy a peek at our favorite pieces and get ready to dress up like the yummiest mummy!

A Jumper for the Everyday

Snap Button Jumper Dress

Trendy mom outfits composed of one piece save time and frustration. New mamas don't have time to waste in front of their closet, picking through each item and trying to create an outfit from scratch. A jumper is a sensational solution regardless of what you're doing for the day. Although jumpers qualify as dresses, they're casual and laid-back, which is just what a mom needs when she's taking care of her precious bundle.

The Snap Button Jumper Dress is all but made for moms. That line of buttons down the front allows for easy removal, which is especially essential with babies. It boasts a slightly loose fit to ensure comfort, but the silhouette is still beyond flattering due to its hourglass shape. Undo a few buttons at the top or bottom to change the look and vibe of the jumper. Pair it with nearly any type of top, including tanks, T-shirts, and long sleeve blouses.

Midi Skirt, Maximum Appeal

Printed Midi Skirt

Not all new mom clothes are casual. We have a bevy of can't-miss items that you can wear on days (and nights) when the urge to dress up is too strong to resist. A fashionable midi skirt is a pretty, polished option for a variety of occasions. Plan a date night with your love bug, head out to lunch with the grandparents, or take the kiddos for a check-up in style.

You won't want to take off the Printed Midi Skirt once you slip into it. The bright floral skirt brightens up the grayest days. Even your baby will be delighted by the vivid color palette, which stars a stunning shade of mint. Dare to wear your skirt with a simple tank top and cardigan, a complementary graphic tee, or a top that's just as eye-catching.

A Cozy Sweatshirt

Bubble Sleeve Pullover in Olive

Some days, you just feel like hiding in your clothes, but you still want to appear style savvy. An oversized sweatshirt is the solution. You need a top that's large, cozy, and on-point. The Bubble Sleeve Pullover will become your off-duty go-to as soon as it arrives at your house. Available in gray as well as olive, the oversized top has contrasting stripes on the sleeves, which feature a bubbled silhouette that adds to its roomy appearance. Jeans are the ideal bottoms to wear with your pullover, but you can also put together a trendy mom outfit consisting of the sweatshirt and a fitted midi skirt. Just make sure the colors complement or contrast in a cohesive way. You don't want to clash!

Jumpsuit Meets Joggers

Jogger Jumpsuit in Navy

We can't stress how much we approve of one-and-done new mom clothes. There's no reason in the world you should stress out over piecing together an outfit. You shouldn't even have to waste time selecting separate items, not when we have a snazzy array of one-piece ensembles and matching sets that take all the guesswork out of getting ready for a day filled with baby smiles, soft cuddles, and new discoveries.

The Jogger Jumpsuit has all the appeal of a jumpsuit and all of the relaxed comfort that joggers have to offer. It comes in a variety of must-have neutrals. In addition to navy, you can also snag the suit in charcoal, olive, black, gray, and mocha. The jumpsuit is comfy enough to wear around the house, but you can wear it when you go shopping or do school pick-ups. With the right pair of shoes and a statement cardigan, it's a smart ensemble for casual dates and outings, as well.

The Perfect Pair of Pants

Trendy Bottoms for Women

You don't always want to wear jeans and joggers. Your closet needs at least one pair of eye-popping pants to create trendy mom outfits that are undeniably of-the-moment. Check out our collection of pants and trousers for bottoms that fall perfectly in between casual and dressy. You always need a base for up-market ensembles that you can turn to anytime your look needs a bit of polish. Try the Pretty in Pleats Pants, available in pink, red, and navy. The skinny design accentuates the line of your legs, while the pleating at the waist creates a slimming effect.

Refresh your wardrobe with trendy mom outfits from Obsessions Boutique!

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