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Unconventional Date Night Looks You’ll Love, For Any Day of the Week

a couple with heart-shaped balloons sharing a kiss

The perfect cute date night outfit is fashionable, fierce, and flattering. What you wear doesn't matter nearly as much as how you feel in your outfit, and that's never truer than it is on a romantic night out with that sweet hubby or special someone. Don't put yourself in a position where you're staring in your closet wondering what the heck to wear. Obsessions Boutique has created a list of can't-miss date night clothes that will take you beyond the conventional looks.

Too Cute in a Tunic

a full, floral tunic top

You can put together an unbelievably cute date night outfit with a simple tunic top. Tunics are on-trend because of their unique signature design and the silhouette lends itself well to flowing shapes. As a result, many tunics resemble mini dresses due to their fit. They fall low, usually to the upper thighs. Choose an A-line or empire waist tunic and it looks almost like you're wearing a babydoll dress.

You don't want to pair your tunic with a skirt, however. The tops are typically full and long. With a skirt, that can create the appearance of too much fabric, making you look bulky and stubby. No one wants that on date night! Instead, style your tunic with leggings or skinny jeans and a pair of killer heels. He won't know what hit him when you hit the town for dinner!

Bring Out the Animal in You

a fitted pencil skirt with a leopard print

You want to exhibit some of your potent animal magnetism during your big date, right? If so, then you need date night clothes that hint at your wild side. Needless to say, animal print is a sure-fire way to do that.

Because animal print is officially a neutral, there are all sorts of items that make stylish use of the print. Consider a leopard print sweater with your favorite black mini skirt or pencil skirt. You can make an even bigger statement in a sleek animal print skirt. Just remember to anchor it with a solid colored top. Black almost always works. Going in another direction, you could also dress to the nines in an all-black outfit topped off with an animal print cardigan or fashion jacket.

Slip Into Skinnies

a pair of distressed, high-rise skinny jeans

Depending on the nature of your relationship and the location of your date, it's perfectly acceptable to wear a cute date night outfit that includes skinny jeans. They're casual, sure, but with the right blouse and a cool pair of shoes, your skinny jeans can look downright sexy, not to mention stylish.

Accessorizing correctly and choosing the right items to wear with your jeans are essential, however. Unless you're going to Dave & Buster's, for example, you don't want to pair your denim with an old graphic tee shirt and a hoodie. It's date night! You have to put a bit more thought into it.

Try creating an outfit composed of jeans and a fashionable or sexy top. Cold-shoulder sweaters are the bee's knees. You can also amp up your aesthetic with a polished polka dot button-down or a slightly sheer mesh top. Don't forget to select shoes that work with your jeans.

Show Out in a Jumpsuit

a woman modeling a red tie-waist jumpsuit

Tired of wearing dresses and skirts? No worries! A trendy jumpsuit will save the day. As less typical date night clothes go, a jumpsuit is at the top of the list. Nothing beats a one-and-done outfit that's complete right off the hanger. It also gives you the opportunity to strut yourself in an on-point alternative to a dress.

Go for a casual vibe in an unstructured jumpsuit with a comfy fit. Put together a sophisticated stunner of an outfit by selecting a tailored black jumpsuit. Whatever style you decide to wear, select your accessories and shoes with care. The details can make or break this ensemble.

Ruffled and Ravishing

a young woman in a black shirt with ruffled sleeves

To add a feminine touch to your cute date night outfits, you need go the ruffled route. Ruffles add a touch of sweet feminine elegance to any ensemble. Better still, ruffled pieces tend to stand alone on their own, allowing you to turn a ruffled top or skirt into a statement piece.

Keep everything else simple, though. If you wear a gorgeous top with ruffled sleeves, then pair it with skinny jeans or a sleek, straight, solid-colored skirt. Balance out a ruffled skirt with a chic, fitted top that features clean, crisp lines.

Tailored to Hit the Town

a woman wearing a polka dot blouse beneath a pinstripe blazer

Confession time: we adore date night clothes with a menswear-inspired vibe. Sometimes, there's nothing more sultry than a well-dressed woman in a sharp blazer or a button-down top with a skinny tie. Flip the tables on your next date night and opt for a crisp, well-fitted ensemble.

There are several potential directions in which to take this outfit. A clinging skirt with a collared shirt will do the trick. You could also experiment with layering a bow tie blouse beneath a pinstripe blazer.

A Dynamite Dress for Date Night

a woman modeling a black, embroidered lace dress

The number one cute date night outfit is a dress. It could be any dress as long as you feel like the most beautiful woman to ever grace the Earth while you're wearing it. For a special occasion, even when it's just a Friday night date with your boo, we recommend looking for a lovely, lacy number.

That's not your only option, however. You could also slip into a floral babydoll reminiscent of the '90s, along with a chunky pair of combat boots, of course. Then again, a simple sheath of a dress might be more in line with your style. Do you, sis!

Uncover a wealth of cute date night outfits and ensembles that will take you beyond the holiday. We get new arrivals all the time, so you can pick out a new date night ensemble every week if you want! Every order within the US is eligible for free shipping from Obsessions Boutique, allowing you to save on all of your style splurges.

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