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From the Gym to the Play Gym: Versatile Activewear To Die For

Cutout workout leggings, tees, and hoodies make for comfortable mom workout clothes. Comfort is key when you're working out, especially if you're busy being the Head Mom In Charge, too. You need to stock your closet with versatile clothing that can take you through the day. Shop at Obsessions Boutique for on-trend workout outfits that transition to other activities, such as the school run, the grocery store, and the local park.

Double-Duty Leggings

Lattice Ankle cutout workout leggings

Activewear depends on versatility. Cutout workout leggings are perfect because they're cool in terms of temperature and style. As you hit the treadmill at the gym or jog around the neighborhood, cutouts ensure that you're getting a bit of a breeze, which can push you to work out faster, harder, and longer. You'll feel like a 10 as you do it, as well, all because you know how good your legs look in your leggings.

The right pair of bottoms can take you beyond the gym, too. That's why it's essential to pick out something fashionable but still functional. You need workout gear that you can wear while you're running errands, picking up the kids, or hanging out around the house. Keep an eye out for moisture-wicking material so that you can sweat with no regrets.

One-and-Done Workout Wear

one-piece hooded jumpsuit

One-and-done outfits are aces. Who wants to spend time selecting tops and bottoms? For those mornings when you want to be cozy and comfortable during your workout, you need mom workout clothes with an edge. A hoodie jumpsuit will get the job done and then some. Better still, jumpsuits are on-trend, meaning that you can wear your one-piece gear wherever you are.

For ease and convenience, you can effortlessly layer shorts and a tank top beneath your jumpsuit. That way, if you get too warm, all you have to do is shed some layers. Otherwise, you'll want to wear your jumpsuit everywhere—the gym, the beach, and the school run.

Sleeveless Style

Diamond Black Fitness Tank

Sleeveless tops and tanks pair perfectly with cutout workout leggings. Add to your collection, beginning with simple, comfy tank tops and other sleeveless shirts. Opt for minimalist pieces to keep up a clean, crisp aesthetic during your workouts. You're there to sweat and get fit, which is why simple is sometimes best.

As a bonus, choosing classic basic tanks for your workout wardrobe will translate to your everyday wardrobe, too. These pieces are ideal for layering beneath anything and everything. Wear a hoodie while you're doing Pilates, then swap your hoodie for a cardigan to head out for lunch with your best girlfriend or to take the stroller out for a walk.

Something with Pockets

leggings with pockets

What’s the deal with women's clothing and its lack of pockets? Designers are finally starting to pay attention to what women are telling them – we want pockets, and we want them now, in everything! Just as you can find dresses and skirts with convenient pockets that are actually large enough to hold your phone and other essentials, you can now get your hands on mom workout clothes with plenty of pockets, too. Thank goodness!

For your convenience, stock up on leggings with pockets. They're a must whether you're riding the stationary bike in your basement or joining a weekend boot camp routine. With a proper pocket, you can store your phone and your earbuds, as well as anything else you need, such as the key to your gym lock or a spare hair tie. Taking your toddler to the indoor play gym? Those pockets will come in handy for fruit snacks, or you can clip a binkie, too.

It's a Go for Graphic Tees

Tired As A Mom graphic tee

Wear graphic tee shirts with your cutout workout leggings to show off your sense of humor. Sometimes, a mid-workout giggle is just what you need to get over the hump and push yourself further. Your workout buddies can get a chuckle, as well.

More importantly, graphic tops can transition to other casual events and occasions. There's no harm in putting on leggings and a tee to drop off the kids at school, head to classes, or get some work done around the house. You can go from the gym to a playdate or a beach date.

Top It Off with a Hoodie

a tunic hoodie top

We talked about hoodie jumpsuits, but plain hoodies are ideal as mom workout clothes, too. Hoodies are cozy, trendy, and beyond cool regardless of what's happening for the day. Not only can you wear a hoodie with leggings and gym shorts, but it will also look phenomenal with jeans and denim shorts. On chilly mornings, wear a hoodie over a tee shirt or a tank top so that you can easily shed clothes as you start to sweat in earnest.

Explore our selection of cutout workout leggings, tank tops, fun tee shirts, and comfy hoodies. Discover breathable clothing for every workout you want to do. When you order from Obsessions Boutique, we promise that we'll ship out your order within 48 hours so that you can enjoy your new outfits ASAP.