a woman practicing yoga

Mommy & Me Yoga: Getting Started

a woman practicing yoga

Cute yoga pants are some of the first essentials you need when you're getting started with yoga. When you want to do yoga with your baby, you need a few more items. You won't regret it. Mom and toddler yoga is a fantastic way to connect with your little one. The beauty is that you can do it in the comfort of your own home, or you can look for a mommy and me class to join other moms and babies. Not only is yoga good for your mental health as a new parent, but there are also a lot of benefits for the baby too. Before taking that first step and committing, there are a few essentials for both mommy and baby that you will want to invest in, especially if you have never taken a yoga class before.

Benefits of Mommy & Me Yoga

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How often do you get to bond with your baby while stretched out in leggings or cute yoga pants? Yoga is excellent to ease the new parent jitters, plus it will allow you to focus and care for your body and teach you how to relax. The gentle movements of yoga and the breathing techniques are all easy to keep in mind when you are stressed. As a result, yoga will help you to control your moods better.

Mommy and me classes can also introduce you to a whole world of new friends, all of which have their kids and know what you are going through as a new mother. The benefits for the baby run deep, too. Yoga can help your little one develop motor and sensory skills and can even help the baby fall asleep easily and quickly.

Essentials for a New Yogi Mama

Mom and toddler yoga classes are easy to sign up for, but there are essentials that you’ll need to purchase when you are a new yogi mom. If you have never taken a yoga class in your life, then a yoga mat is critical for you to have. You will also want to invest in yoga pants and comfortable, breathable tops to ensure that you do not feel constricted when you are going through the poses. A water bottle is also essential for mama, as these poses are going to be new, and you will want to hydrate throughout the class.

Must-Haves for Involving Your Toddler in Yoga

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Now that you know what essentials are for the mama, you need to know what you should be investing in for your toddler. Comfortable and flexible athletic gear for your baby is a must. You want to make sure that your toddler does not feel restricted in the class. Cute yoga pants for a boy or a girl can be easily purchased anywhere and will make them feel at ease with these new movements.

What Music to Invest in

Finally, calm and peaceful music will tie your entire mom and toddler yoga session together. Music can put you in the right mindset for your class. It is also well-known that babies respond to music.

As you can see, a mixture of cute yoga pants, a yoga mat, calming music, and your toddler can increase the bond you have. Mommy and me classes allow you to care for your mind and body while caring for your baby at the same time. You can find the gear you need at Obsessions Boutique. Sign up with us for a discount!

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