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Mini Sanitizer Holder

Mini Sanitizer Holder

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These days, even the most carefree among us have discovered their inner germaphobe. There’s nothing wrong with staying safe, and having a bit of hand sanitizer at hand is more of a crowd-pleaser in 2020 than having some gum. The mini sanitizer holder lets you keep something safe and healthy handy, without sacrificing your bold style. This go-anywhere accessory is a must-have for travel and daily use and makes your daily health regimen as chic and laid-back as you are. Available in multiple colors and eco-friendly, with a reusable hand sanitizer bottle included, this little addition to your purse or keychain is sure to be a lifesaver.

A New Obsession

Why use a hand sanitizer holder for purse, keychain, or belt accessorizing? This mini sanitizer container is easy to use and features:

  • A keyring and lobster clasp, for secure, easy fastening;
  • A compact size: the sanitizer holder measures just 3.25 inches from the bottom of the holder, with a width of 2.5 inches -- perfect to take anywhere;
  • An empty, reusable plastic sanitizer bottle -- eschewing plastic waste while maintaining the convenience of use;
  • Options in tan, white, mocha, and grey -- to match any outfit or style!

Stay Safe, Stay Stylish!

A lot has changed this year, but good style can weather anything. Deck out your new normal, with chic options for hand sanitizer holders for purses (like the sanitizer holder, masks, and a whole selection of affordable lifestyle accessories and essentials to make your socially distanced gathering, daily errands, or travel happy and healthy.) There’s no reason to give up your look for functionality, and Obsessions Boutique specializes in fashions for moms who know what they’re worth, and want it at an unbeatable price!

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