Woman Wearing Sneakers Outdoors

Cozy Footwear For Regular Days

There’s a rite of passage we rarely acknowledge and often overlook: a moment in everyone’s’ life when the uncomfortable, flamboyant fashions (often chosen over function) of sartorially showy footwear is set aside for comfort and class. At some point, we move on to more functional footwear, moving from the dating scene to the mommy club. When cozy shoes become your go-to, there’s no need to sacrifice style. Adaptable footwear at home or anywhere is always a good choice, and there are a few reasons finding the right cozy everyday footwear can boost your outlook and even your health.

Perfectly Aligned

Woman Wearing Sneakers Outdoors

Did you know that up to 80% of Americans will suffer back pain at some point in their lives? Alignment issues can be the root of that problem, and comfortable, versatile shoes can make all the difference. Make sure your commitment to your best self starts with what you put on your feet. Adaptable, cozy shoes that match your active lifestyle, stay comfortable throughout the day, and are ready for whatever adventure you embark on are a great way to protect yourself from aches and pains. A terrific-looking shoe that fits your feet and lifestyle? That’s perfect alignment.

Meet Your Match

Unlike the fashionistas overwhelmed with the season’s latest, veterans of chic recognize that the classic idiom Scio te Ipsum (“know thyself”) is as fitting to your daily interactions as it is to your day-to-day tailoring. Cozy shoes can match any style (and budget), which means you can keep the silhouette intact without suffering for your style. Do you lean towards the classics, or are you more boho chic? Love an accent piece or pop of color? Still sporting the beatnik black, or rocking pastels? Whatever look you love, there’s a pair of versatile shoes ready to match it.

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Just as important is to match your comfortable footwear to your lifestyle: this is the golden age of the casual shoe, and whether you’re an outdoor yoga junkie, a treadmill fanatic, or simply love a good brisk hike, there’s a casual, comfy shoe that’ll be as sporting as you are. Guides like this one can help, but remember -- know thyself! If it’s not the right fit, you’ll know right away. Trust your toes to tell you whether this shoe is good for the long haul -- they’ll thank you later.

Downtown and Down the Road

Let’s face it: the wide world is full of various terrains, and some of those require a boot or sneaker to traverse. Fortunately, sturdy and cozy shoes can be perfect for the casual walk, the weekly playdate, or the casual date. Here’s a quick style guide for your footwear explorations:

Heels: For versatile shoes, you’ll want to split the difference. Anything less than an inch is perfect for a show that can be used every day while being fit to dress up for a casual night out. Flats are perfect for comfort, but maybe not for certain venues. Anything higher than an inch, and you’re in the decidedly un-cozy territory.

Couple Wearing Moccasins and Barefoot by Fire Pit

Laces: Laces are perhaps as old as shoes themselves, with the first known version of a shoelace seen in the archaeological findings of ice-age foot coverings (it's true, you can’t improve on the classics). Properly tying shoelaces can actually alleviate pressure in the feet, meaning laces -- the unlikeliest of all candidates -- can add to the comfort level of a pair of cozy shoes. As with most comfort factors, fit is key: lace-up any prospective addition to your wardrobe and feel for pinch points. Remember, these should be shoes that can move with you no matter what the day brings.

Type: Some styles of versatile shoes naturally fit into the cozy category. Flats and slippers are obvious choices, with knitwear slippers being relaxed enough to lounge around the house. Of course, less likely candidates can make their way into the casual zone as well. For some, an espadrille or a boat shoe can easily be the everyday wear they’ve been searching for. Be bold in your choice and trust that the right everyday footwear will be waiting for you.

Tried and True

What’s most essential to finding the right cozy shoes for regular days? Make sure that you’re finding premium brands from a trusted supplier. Long gone are the days when we could wander down to the local cobbler and ask their opinion, but some boutiques put their customers first and know firsthand what their specific needs are. Obsessions Boutique was founded by moms for moms, who have a pretty keen fix on the importance of dependable basics and everyday, comfortable, versatile shoes. Find your next pair of favorite comfy kicks, with a selection of affordably priced, high-quality footwear and more from a boutique who treats all their customers like family. Expand your wardrobe, and find your new obsession today!

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